Finally, a robust solution for smaller organizations to help engage employees and improve culture.

A unique and affordable employee engagement platform for small-to mid-sized businesses.

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We provide cost-effective employee engagement software for small businesses or departments that delivers a consistent experience to inspire engagement and reward success.

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Water Cooler

Your private social recognition news feed is great for employees who are remote and in office to collaborate and compete.

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BOOST with Coinz?

Looking to motivate your employees with incentives and rewards? Let Us Help.

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The drivers behind every organization is their people and culture.

When you think of Coinz, think gift cards Reimagined

Recognition that can be seen and used.

This is for employees who want to be heard both online and offline, especially in today’s hybrid work environment.

Award Boost Coinz™ virtually or in person.

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The Boost Coinz can stack to create an employee trophy

Why Boost Coinz?

It’s the people and culture that make successful organizations. Having a strong culture requires a powerful people strategy. That’s why we designed Boost Coinz with small-to mid-size companies in mind.

Simple to set up and manage.


Set up in Minutes

You can create goals for any action or result imaginable – milestones, team competition, company goals, and more. Then, socially track progress on a private leaderboard and award points towards rewards of their choosing. Buy Boost Coinz to recognize exceptional work performed by your team members.

  • Create goals that enhance your organization

  • Smart measurements and reporting to build ROI

  • All for the low cost of $3.50 per user per month

  • Interactive leaderboard and private social feed

  • Create positive competition in the workplace

Customize your program goals

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